Investment Banking & Advisory Services

  • Growth capital
  • PIPES - Private Placements for Public Companies
  • Recapitalizations
  • Acquisition financing
  • Restructuring of existing debt
  • Reverse mergers 
  • Shareholder enhancement plans
  • Corporate Directors & Executive placement

Private Equity

  • Special situations Deal identification
  • Financing equity sales 
  • Identification of Acquisition Assets

Startup -> Growth Consulting

  • Capital Raise planning
  • Cap Table structuring
  • Investor Relations

LP & GP Solutions

  • LPs looking to invest directly into companies who do not want to pay the traditional 2/20 we can arrange for 0/0 SPV vehicles to do so.  
  • GPs seeking LPs can put their offers on our system with their terms, anonymously 

Asset Sales

  • Sales of small businesses, factories, real estate, or other large assets
  • Identification of Private Equity buyer or Acquisition 

Due Diligence & Discovery

  • Extensive BD Quality Due Diligence services
  • In depth reports & analysis