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Venture Capital Cross

Where Venture Capital meets Private Equity

Private Markets are fragmented into micro segments, which don't always mix well together.  Venture Capital Cross (VCC) bridges the gap between the West Coast / VC mentality and the East Coast / PE mentality, providing innovative ways to create liquidity in Private Markets where everyone is happy (really!).  We believe in the ethical value trade, where both sides are winners.  Employees of mature late stage companies are happy to get a check, investors are happy to invest in high growth companies at this early stage and (usually) receive a decent multiple for taking the risk.

  • Seed Funding / Crowdfunding
  • Primary Financing Rounds
  • Private Placements
  • Secondary Market Transactions

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Stephen Utley

VP of Private Markets

Series 7, 63 - Stephen Utley was born and raised in the UK.  He earned his BA(hons) in Industrial Economics from Nottingham University.  He started his finance career in New  York city in 1995 at Gerard Klauer Mattison - a boutique  institutional brokerage house.  Steve went on to earn his MBA in finance from Zicklin Business school in New York in 2008 and was previously VP of Forex at Fortress Capital.  More recently Steve has concentrated in the private equity markets as Manager of DT Unicorn Fund. 

Joseph Gelet Sr.

Director of Private Markets

Series 3, 30, 34, 7, 63, Life and Health Insurance, Notary - Joseph Gelet Sr. was an algorithmic asset manager for 20 years in the Foreign Exchange markets, and was an NFA Member since 2005 as CTA.  He holds licenses Series 7, 3, 30, 34 & 63 as well as Life & Health Insurance South Carolina and is a Notary Public TN.  He is the author of 3 books, Splitting Pennies, Splitting Bits; and 1 textbook commissioned by NOVA University Splitting Markets.  Skills include systems design, architecture, and administration with a focus on Financial Technology.  Currently he is the Director of Private Markets for COVA Capital Partners LLC, a registered broker-dealer.   Joseph Gelet has recently authored a book "Investors Guide to LEGAL Insider Trading" click here to learn more.

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Richard Crockett

Chief Compliance Officer - COVA Capital Partners, LLC

Richard Crockett has been in the financial industry for over 40 years working for various broker dealers from the very large institutions to startup situations. He has worked in many different capacities from firm back office operations, front sales office administrations, Branch manager, AML/Anti Money Laundering Principal Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Crockett has worked abroad in London and Hong Kong and a licensed representative of the Securities and Futures Authority in the United Kingdom. Richard holds various licenses Series 7 general representative, Series 4 Option principal, Series 8 (9&10) sales supervisor, Series 23 (24) sales principal, Series 79 investment banking, Series 63 state law and Series 99 operations professional.

A solutions-focused and highly accomplished Compliance professional possessing diversified experience within the financial services industry, with noteworthy credentials and outstanding success in the compliance management of all the markets sales & trading business lines. Extensive background and expertise across multiple subject areas, most notably on matters involving surveillance, policies and procedures development, marketing and trading documentation review, development of compliance training, supervision, product/project management, and regulatory audit, review, and communication.

Edward "Eddie" T. Gibstein


Edward Gibstein has been licensed in the financial industry since 1982. In 1989, Mr. Gibstein began his Wall Street career with Lehman Brothers. After achieving the title of Senior Vice President and member of both the President's and Chairman's Council, Mr. Gibstein then moved to Prudential Securities. In 1996, he formed Taylor Stuart Financial (TSFI), where he served as Chairman and CEO. As Chairman, he guided all aspects of the firm, including Investment Banking, Retail Brokerage, Proprietary Trading and Market Making. As CEO, Mr. Gibstein focused much of his efforts on Investment Banking, and was successful in raising significant funds for both private and publicly listed companies.

In 2010, Mr. Gibstein joined Bannockburn Partners, LLC, and subsequently purchased the firm in 2012. Bannockburn Partners, LLC changed its name to COVA Capital Partners, LLC, later the same year.

Mr. Gibstein is an accomplished amateur golfer, and twice was named the Long Island Golf Association's Player of The Year. He enjoys skiing, traveling and spending time with his wife and two children.  Mr. Gibstein is a graduate of New York University and holds a FINRA Series 7, 63, 66, 79, and a Series 24 Securities Principal, License. 

Oleg C

Chief Development Officer

Oleg is the Chief Programmer for the VC Cross portal, he is responsible for programming, API integration, development, and support operations.  When he is not programming he enjoys reading and spending time with family.

Dragan D

Site Admin and Support

Dragan has 25+ years as a Joomla site Admin.  Dragan's responsibilities include maintaining the site, backups, configuration, updates, and user support.  Dragan lives in Bar, Montenegro where he is from.  


The Software Platform behind Venture Capital Cross is a multi-integration of FinTech APIs.  The technology stack is built on LAMP.

3rd party APIs include Documents API, Escrow API, eCheck API, KYC API, optimized CDN, SSL, and Network Optimization tools.


Venture Capital Cross, is a DBA of COVA Capital Partners, LLC a FINRA/SEC licensed broker dealer.  check  COVA Capital Partners, LLC is registered in the states of New York and Delaware.  The main office of COVA is located at 6851 Jericho Turnpike Suite 205 Syosset, NY 11791 - it has been in business since 2001.

If you would like to learn more about raising capital with Venture Capital Cross, as Reg CF, Reg D, Reg A+, or with traditional Private Placements, or to discuss other fundraising initiatives, please contact us.

Name History of Venture Capital Cross

Our legacy business is matching buyers and sellers in Private Markets, late stage Unicorns also known as "Secondaries" - 90% of the time the counterparties are Venture Capital firms, who may be taking some chips off the table (selling) after investing in Seed rounds.  Other times, the VC Firms want to add to their position and were under allocated in the recent round, and will seek shares in the secondary market.  When a Broker-Dealer matches a buyer and seller internally, as an agent transaction, this is known as an "Agency Cross" - hence the name "Venture Capital Cross" - we are crossing buyers with sellers, and very often they are from different sides of the street.  The seller may be a Private Equity firm that's selling to a Venture Capital firm, or it may be that a seller is an employee cashing out their shares to a Wall St. fund (Main St. --> Wall St.).  

VCC Intro - Welcome to Venture Capital Cross