Venture Capital Cross is a broker-dealer, we can raise capital for your project, startup, or late stage company via primary financing round, private placement / Reg D offering. 

Whether you are a seed stage idea on a napkin, Series A or seasoned issuer, VCC can help structure a capital raise campaign suitable for your needs.  As you grow, we can also help a thriving secondary market for your shares.  

What does 'raise capital' really mean?  Let's break it down:

  • Extensive due diligence (which big investors will want to see organized in a Data Room)
  • Investor Identification
  • Capital Formation plan 
  • Investor Presentation
  • Closing & Settlement (the process of accepting investors and issuing shares)
  • Cap Table management 

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Generally speaking, we do not charge up front fees.  Fees are success based, if there is no success there is no fee.  If the issuer is doing Crowdfunding and/or there is a large amount of work involved, we may charge a one time technology onboarding fee (for Crowdfunding) or a one time due diligence fee.
  • We cannot make your investment documents, they need to be done by your securities attorney.  We can introduce you to securities attorneys if you do not have one (we are not compensated for this activity).
  • There is no telling how successful a campaign will be.  Generally speaking private markets are one sided, there are all buyers or all sellers.  VC Cross can provide exposure to your deal based on targeted investor demographics, and ultimately investors will decide to invest based on the merits of the deal.  

Venture Capital Cross can not only help identify investors, we'll help structure your future fund raising rounds.