Post Growth

Post growth, late stage private companies are attractive targets for investors, as they typically have a proven track record of success. Employees, and early investors would like liquidity in these names, and this is how the secondary market for late stage private companies forms. Venture Capital Cross is active in this market and we have developed an algorithmic process based on firm orders and next steps.

For Shareholders

Do you own shares in late stage, visible private companies with valuations of 500m or greater? Venture Capital Cross can match your shares with a buyer via our network.  If you own shares in any private company they may be eligible, please reach out for a free evaluation.

For Investors

Do you have demand for late-stage private companies? We have access to more than 1,000 names of private companies with valuations greater than 500m (Unicorns and Soonicorns), available either via direct share transfer or special purpose vehicle (SPV).  Investors must be Accredited.

Closed Transactions


Alto Pharmacy




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Jasper AI



What are Secondary Private Markets by Venture Capital Cross

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