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  • Composite Helicopters Hybrid Electric Holdings Ltd

  • Auckland Airport (AKL) Ray Emery Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand
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​Worldwide there are + 69,728 Old Technology (Aluminum & Steel truss) helicopters that will be phased out of service over the coming years. This is due to non-sustainable practices, high manufacturing costs, old age, corrosion and costs of upkeep.

Even current “new” helicopters are based on “Old technology” techniques and airframes upgraded where possible within the limits of their certification and presented as “new” helicopters.

Worldwide the call is for safer, cleaner, greener, reduced Co2 operations and sustainable manufacturing.

​The arrival of the Composite Helicopter as a Next-Gen DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGYwith its SAFER, 10X STRONGER patented carbon-aramid fuselage structure, Electric main rotor overdrive, Electric ducted fan tail rotor and future biofuel dual FADEC turbine engine ushers in the future of sustainable vertical flight.

The C990HE9 seat Hybrid Electric Composite Helicopter is our flagship product for 1strelease to enhance early program value and capture market share in the US$ 2.4m to US$ 3.5m market sector. Followed by the C650HE6 seat Hybrid Electric Composite Helicopter targeting entry level to < US$ 2.4m market sector.

Our Hybrid Electric Composite Helicopters will cover the whole of the light helicopter market.

Future products include the C990HE-VTOL 9 seat and C650HE-VTOL 6 seat Urban Air Mobility variants positioning the Company across all UAM sectors with strong market share, maximizing company value and returns for stakeholders.

Company Info

​Composite Helicopters Hybrid Electric Holdings Ltd is a New Zealand company that owns the patents, designs, and rights to advanced design light helicopter craft. 

  • Peter Maloney | Founder

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  • Deal Type: Reg D
  • Sponsor: Composite Helicopters Hybrid Electric Holdings Ltd
  • Hold Period: Free Trading
  • Investor Yield: -
  • Funding Goal:$30,000,000
  • Investment Type: Aerospace
  • Min. Investment: $10,000,000
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