Any Stage private markets: The vortex of parallel private markets. Where VC meets PE, where Wall St. meets Main St. Interactive Investment Platform for Private Markets, for any stage private companies, and investors. *

*Equity crowdfunding investments in private placement and start-ups are speculative and involve a high degree of risk

Private Markets made Simple...

Venture Capital Cross (VCC) - Where investors find deals, and where founders meet investors.   We make private markets simple, by cultivating quality deal flow at multiple stages to diversify your private portfolio whether you are a first time private investor or a retired founder.

arrow Seed Funding / Crowdfunding via Reg CF / Reg A+

arrow Primary Financing Rounds* Direct and via Venture Funds

arrow Private Placements / Capital Formation *

arrow Secondary Market Transactions* for companies valued at $500m or greater

*Certain investment opportunities including private placements, primary financing rounds, and secondary market transactions are for accredited investors only.

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Investors can sign up, verify themselves, and invest in multiple private deals - all in one place.
Issuer Platform
Issuers can make a private investment offering behind a username and password, compliant with the SEC Click-Through rule.
Any Stage Private Markets
Access Seed Stage companies on the same platform as late stage secondaries, and everything in between.

Any Stage Private Investments

Invest in Startups and Founders making a difference. Venture Capital Cross offers private investments from seed to late stage and everything in between.  Our focus is Disruptive Technology that will change the global paradigm, but we are after high quality deals that provide value, and are thus sector agnostic.  

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Investment Opportunities

For Founders: Are you looking to raise up to $5 Million in an early offering?

Venture Capital Cross can help you with your funding needs at any stage. We offer Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D, Reg S, and custom offering types. Once your company is well established, we can assist with primary financing rounds, and secondary market transactions to unlock liquidity for your corporate team and early investors. Our offering portal offers securities through COVA Capital Partners LLC, a FINRA/SEC licensed broker dealer and technology is provided by Macro Tech Titan, a financial technology "FinTech" company powering online capital markets.

    PointerServing the investment needs of early stage and middle market companies


    PointerSpecialized services to both funds and investors in the Alternative Investment arena


    PointerExperienced investment banking advisors and funds marketing executives


    PointerProvide customized services to raise debt and equity capital at any stage of your venture

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